Suar wood, Saman or "Rain tree"


What is Suar wood?

Saman or "Rain Tree", this large tree has the particularity of growing very quickly, thus being able to be harvested and replaced with new ones. It is also for its various qualities, its fine grain, its growth traits and its beautiful gradations that it lends itself beautifully to the work of live edge table tops.

Commonly found in the north of South America and in Asia it is a versatile tree often cultivated for its wood but also as food, medicines and gums, among others. It can reach up to 200 cm in diameter and grows up to 30-60m high. The rain tree is often planted on plantations as a shade tree for coffee, cocoa and other crops. Medicinally, the herb is used in the treatment of diarrhea, upset stomach and sore throat. It is also used as a laxative. The pods can be eaten and the pulp can be made into a drink. The bark is a source of gums and resins. The pods can be crushed and converted to alcohol as an energy source. The wood is light but very resistant. It is used for sculptures, furniture, woodwork, boat building, interior trim, crafts, boxes and general construction.